Our rail motors are available for charter on weekdays and Saturdays, depending on the availability of crew and the serviceability of the various railmotors. These currently include our 1930s DERM, the 1950s 280 Walker and the 1970s DRC, used as our Silver Streak service.

For 2016, our standard charter fee is $800. This equates to the fare for 40 passengers. For additional passengers, the additional cost is $20 per adult.

The charter of our railmotors is increasingly used to provide a unique experience to transport guests to special events held at the Bullarto Hall, including weddings and birthday celebrations.


The Daylesford Station and the Bullarto precinct have also been used for weddings and parties and are available for use at an agreed rate.


A range of catering packages are also available including soup and sandwich lunches, morning and afternoon teas and possible BBQs.

As our organization is run entirely by volunteers, charters depend on the availability of suitable crew and the caterers.


It is always worth an enquiry!

Contact our charter manager at or call 0409 351 901.