Daylesford Spa Country Railway is the only railway preservation group in Victoria which is an accredited museum under the Museums Accreditation Program (MAP) of Museums Australia.

We are a volunteer organisation dedicated to the preservation of Victorian Railways history, with its primary focus on railmotors and branchline services.

It is the philosophy of the museum that the most effective way of encouraging an interest in the history of railmotors is for people to experience as passengers the sights, sounds and sensations of a railmotor journey as it was in the days of the Victorian Railways.

In support of this philosophy the entire railway is a museum, and ‘living history’ exhibitions that create live, ‘back in time’ experiences as people travel in a railmotor are the mainstay of the Museum’s exhibition program.

When first established, the priority of DSCR was to establish a viable tourist railway between Daylesford and Bullarto by restoring several railmotors and basic railway infrastructure. Now that this is accomplished, the emphasis has shifted to the development of a quality museum, and more resources are being committed to the conservation, restoration and interpretation of an increasing range of the railway’s heritage assets.